My clients shape the future. Hands down, they are creative visionaries. They absolutely inspire me.

Monica has helped to shape the vision and story across 3 of my funded startups, all of which were acquired. She understands the true essence of the entrepreneur’s vision. It’s very hard to find this talent, and Monica is certainly exceptional. It’s not just one bright moment with her. It’s a lot of experience and methods that she brings to get to the key story, and strategy. My advice is to bring Monica in as early as possible, laying the strategic foundation for growth and success.

— Eran Palmon, serial venture-backed entrepreneur

We worked with Monica to launch Covo, our San Francisco coworking space, and Monica’s influence has helped to drive our strong reputation and membership sales. She posed all the questions that would deliver maximum impact. Monica has so much experience, and that comes through in her guidance and advice. Moreover, I felt supported by Monica, which is gold in the wild ride of an entrepreneur. She is positive, affirming and respectful, and made me feel that I was undertaking something worthwhile and impactful.

— Rebecca Pan, Founder & CEO, Covo and 7x serial entrepreneur

Monica’s magic is mystical. You won’t even know it’s happening until it’s done, and you won’t really be sure what happened except you know now everything makes sense. ‘Everything’ being your big idea and how it aligns with what your soul wants, how your big idea can work in a practical sense — the financial guidance, the connections you might need to bring it to life — and how your idea, importantly, fits in the rest of your life.

The process we used made my big entrepreneurial vision settle beautifully and comfortably into all aspects of my life. Monica inspires everyone around her to do incredible things with their life, and guides the way to that reality.

— Kit Hayes, YouTube Social Impact Leader

I’ve been an officer at six tech start-ups working with the top people at Kleiner Perkins, Seven Rosen, the Mayfield Fund, Intel, Microsoft, Wilson Sonsini, Pillsbury Withrop, and Perkins Coie. Monica is the very best tech business person I’ve ever worked with. She both sees the big picture and how to navigate to that vision. She’s awesome!

— Alan Larson, serial venture-backed startup CFO

Monica is thorough, researched and warm. Her expertise and out of the box ideas create a place where discussions happen, where clarity can be found, and most importantly where once unknown strategies come to fruition. Monica’s ability to see through to the core identity of an idea and create a business plan from this vision makes her invaluable.

— Kalin Kelly, Partner @ 357 Investments, Investor

It’s hard for me to write about Monica, because even if I use modest terms, it looks like it’s overdone. She has helped many companies related to me, and every time her impact has been phenomenal; both immediate and long term.


Monica has run companies and held various senior executive roles, so she brings the comprehensive ability to help craft the corporate strategy and translate that to tactical objectives and milestones for execution, from go-to-market, business models, product development to sales efforts. She is a great listener and helps her clients see what they need to see, opening the vision for them. She is charming and kind, with high integrity and professionalism.


Monica deftly guides her clients from the abstract to the tangible. Really, she’s an alchemist. Bottom line, you will be lucky if you are working with her.

— Marco DeMiroz, General Partner, Venture Reality Fund

Monica has a certain magic that produces exceptional results. Working with her, the most impressive thing was the laser focus she brought to dissecting the story, reshaping it both fiercely and gently, so I could uncover a deeper truth and break through to the most empowering trajectory. Monica is an evolutionary force for transformation. She is absolutely at the apex of what she does. I have incredible respect for her. She kicks ass.

— John Quigley, activist and acclaimed aerial artist

MONICA LAURENCE — Quantum Shaper.

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