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A 6-week course to master the art of being predictably and abundantly lucky
with Monica Laurence.


Hi, I'm Monica Laurence.

I help purpose-driven innovators accelerate their growth, maximize their impact and shape our collective future by unlocking multidimensional perception, also known as luck.

I believe...


Hi high-powered business leaders, global change makers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs,

You've got a vision to make our world a better place.

I help you accelerate your growth so your genius benefits our world. I teach you how to reframe your environment and opportunities. I’m not just giving you a few new tools. I’m dismantling the outdated architecture and linear business strategies you’ve used to date. I’m introducing you to a multi-dimensional architecture that’s aligned with how creation works on a quantum level. This is a fundamentally different approach that yields exponential impact.

I’m for you if …

  • You're enthused to shape our collective future.
  • You've had professional success and you’re ready for the next level.
  • You’re curious and open to apply, not just dabble in, enlightenment principles.

I offer private coaching and online masterclasses in Quantum Surfing. Quantum Surfing Basics shares how to get up on a quantum wave, and become predictably lucky. I also offer retreats in Fiji at my luxe boutique resort designed as a home of enlightenment — Jedi training ground meets peaceful sanctuary.

Welcome to your quantum playground, where the highest intelligence of mankind unfolds.

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What's Quantum Surfing?


Quantum Surfing combines multi-dimensional perception and practical business strategies to transform your cutting-edge ideas into reality.

Spiritual Gurus focus on enlightenment. Life Coaches focus on personal growth in response to one’s environment. Business Consultants advise strategies for a perceived fixed reality.

Quantum Surfing is applied enlightenment, and playfulness is the accelerator.

It’s hard for me to write about Monica, because even if I use modest terms, it looks like it’s overdone. She has helped many companies related to me, and every time her impact has been phenomenal; both immediate and long term.
Monica has run companies and held various senior executive roles, so she brings the comprehensive ability to help craft the corporate strategy and translate that to tactical objectives and milestones for execution, from go-to-market, business models, product development to sales efforts. She is a great listener and helps her clients see what they need to see, opening the vision for them. She is charming and kind, with high integrity and professionalism.
Monica deftly guides her clients from the abstract to the tangible. Really, she’s an alchemist. Bottom line, you will be lucky if you are working with her.

— Marco DeMiroz, General Partner, Venture Reality Fund

MONICA LAURENCE — Quantum Surfer

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