Leading with Luck, Vitality and Creativity: A New Paradigm for (Entrepreneurial) Success

By Monica Laurence & Iwona Fluda (MIT Bootcamps: Class 2019: Venture Scaling)

In today’s rapidly evolving world, there’s a pressing need for a new kind of leadership. As we observe and traverse the globe, it becomes evident that the crises individuals and communities face are inextricably linked to our individual and collective actions. This includes the severe disconnection between nature and ourselves, as well as a pervasive fear of change. Both the micro and macro systems are being profoundly tested.

The global pandemic has illuminated these challenges, revealing them as immediate issues we can no longer relegate to future generations to solve. Delaying might render our efforts futile. One reality is crystal clear: the moment for change is now. Yet, change as we perceive it in the Western world is seldom easy. Navigating the transitions between the known past and the uncertain future often unearths fear, old wounds and resistance. But, it appears we have no alternative. The call to action is urgent.

The brilliance of Albert Einstein has advanced us in so many ways. Referring to his wisdom, we draw on this insight: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”

Let the new thinking begin.

We are human. Powerfully human. Fallibly human. Beautifully human.

We are creators. We create – remarkably, from nothing. Simply by imagining what could be.

Frightened and faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, we forget. We forget that we are, intrinsically, creative powerhouses. We forget that we are, naturally, forces for good. In our fear, we wait for someone to save us. Yet we are here, together, capable of saving ourselves. And more than that. As creators, we’re capable of forging a new path of beauty. We’re capable of creating a heaven on earth.

To make this leap to new thinking, we begin with a new way of being – because our thinking emanates from our being. To tap the deep reservoirs of human potential, we first rejuvenate the human spirit. In so doing, we come to realize that we are not separate from nature – we are nature. And reconnected, we reclaim our innate creative powers.

By going within, we rediscover vitality and our creative origins. We rediscover a lightness that sparks new ideas. We rediscover our smiles, laughter and inherent ways of connecting. We rediscover a dance that has been dormant in our souls.

And we are now here. To dance.

To dance, and lead the way.

Ignite your creative potential by adopting lucky behaviors

To step into a new way of being, it’s necessary to shed the patterns of our old ways of thinking. The rigidity of patterns was eloquently observed by Steve Jobs when he said, “Your thoughts construct patterns like scaffolding in your mind. You are really etching chemical patterns. In most cases, people get stuck in those patterns, just like grooves in a record, and they never get out of them.”

Shifting behaviors to become predictably lucky disrupts ingrained patterns. Lucky patterns deliver an abundance of venture opportunities – and quickly, often in about two weeks.

We tend to think of luck as random. However, social science reveals that luck results from lucky behaviors – like curiosity, resilience and trusting our intuition. When we experiment with these behaviors, we observe uncanny coincidences, charming serendipities and hard-to-fathom synchronicities.

And when we layer in playfulness and connections, we accelerate our luck. As Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, recently shared, “‘Give yourself a lot of shots to get lucky’ is even better advice than it appears on the surface. Luck isn’t an independent variable but increases super-linearly with more surface area – you meet more people, make more connections between new ideas, learn patterns, etc.”

If you remain unconvinced, then the recent discovery that you need luck to succeed may interest you. In October 2022 the IG Nobel in Economics went to three mathematicians and physicists for their mathematical proof that luck is essential for success. Succinctly, you can’t be successful without being lucky. So if you’ve been investing in your talent, give yourself an edge by investing in your luck.

Deepen your creativity to become the extraordinary creator you are

Building upon the wisdom of those who came before us and ensuring our thoughts, emotions, and actions align, can we now explore and shape boundless prospects for ourselves and future generations, all the while maintaining a profound connection to nature?

This opportunity may be closer than we imagine, achievable when we embrace lucky curiosity, anticipate the next discovery, and wholly immerse ourselves in the creativity of the present. And as we know from science, time and space are merely illusions that we can use in our favor for a rapid transformation.

Creativity isn’t merely a theoretical contemplation – it’s a palpable experience, an essence that we, knowingly or unknowingly, practice in every waking moment. To deepen your creative potential, consider these three golden rules to start:

  1. Ideas. Every idea is a good idea – there is no such thing as bad ideas.
  2. Sky. Even the sky is not a limit – be wild with your ideas.
  3. Trust. Trust yourself and your intrinsic creative abilities – you know how to do this, deep inside.

By intentionally accessing our innate creative reservoir, we not only amplify our imaginative prowess but also echo our deep-seated yearnings for genuine expression and flow. Being in flow and expressing ourselves authentically are essential for next-generation leadership.

To lead, you must come from a place of balance. Creating a real balance has little to do with life-work balance carefully crafted in the media as an important aspect of our lives. Balance means much more than a perfect agenda and 5 weeks-long holidays.

Authentic balance emanates from an intimate inner alignment, a harmonious dance among thought, emotion and action. We leave behind what no longer serves us, and we honor our vital essence. From this congruent space and new way of thinking, we step into our power and co-create an abundant, beautiful world made manifest by cultivating our innate creativity, harnessing the opportunities of the unknown, and taking complete responsibility for the present we inhabit.

A new leadership and model for venture impact and success emerges

We are human. We are resilient. We are kind. We are creators.

Leadership grounded in luck, creativity and vitality provides a robust foundation for effecting change. As entrepreneurs, we possess the unique opportunity to lead differently and make lasting positive impacts in our local and global communities.

We believe that Einstein, in his words, envisioned this new wave of leadership and hoped to inspire future generations to embrace it. We are that generation. We are in this together. Everything is in our hands, hearts and minds.

When we gather, share and believe in one another, we make a difference. We dance. And the beauty of our dance echoes around the world.

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Monica Laurence & Iwona Fluda (MIT Bootcamps Class 2019: Venture Scaling) are the minds and hearts behind Sunrise Venture Summit:

Monica Laurence is a global entrepreneur and coach, TEDx speaker and the founder of Quantum Surfing – lucky mindset training for entrepreneurs to transform cutting-edge ideas into reality. She is fascinated by patterns in spirituality, quantum mechanics and neuroscience. She draws on her career in tech startups, at Lucasfilm and Accenture.

Iwona Fluda is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder of the Ministry of Creativity LLC, with a mission to bring more creativity to the world. She frequently speaks and writes on creativity, creative skills and social entrepreneurship. She develops next-generation leaders via tailor-made, interdisciplinary experiences to unleash creativity.

If you’re excited to dance right now, enjoy the Sunrise Venture Summit playlist, here.

Monica Laurence is a Quantum Shaper, combining enlightenment principles with business strategies to drive success. After decades in Hollywood and Silicon Valley as a computer scientist, creative strategist and serial entrepreneur, Monica now coaches entrepreneurs for a winning mental game and standout leadership. She hosts visionaries at Tavola, her luxe private villa and venue for retreats, including her Stillness retreats to tap the wisdom of your inner knowing. Learn to be predictably lucky and join Monica’s community of inspired and trendsetting innovators by enrolling in her online masterclass, Quantum Surfing. Learn more about Monica at monicalaurence.com.

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