The Mindset of the Founder: Lever for the Win

Last week I attended TechCrunch Disrupt, an annual gathering of technology innovators, enthusiasts and visionaries. The conference brings together investors, entrepreneurs and strategic partners. Knowledge is exchanged, new products are showcased and connections are sparked that have the potential to deliver billions in venture value — and shape our world.

I attended one packed house panel discussion – What Do You Need to Raise a Series A Today? – featuring Loren Straub of Bowery Capital and James Currier of NFX. Clearly many founders are seeking insights on the current landscape of raising seed rounds.

As I took my standing-room-only spot, leaning against the wall and trading quips with a fellow attendee, I took note when James said, “The greatest point of leverage in a startup is the psychology of the founder.” 100%. The mindset of the founder, the energy of the founder, the clarity of the founder, the balance of the founder and the leadership of the founder makes all the difference. 

I’ve been reflecting on leadership recently. What does it mean to lead? What are the qualities of a great leader? What paradigm of leadership is being called forth in this moment? I really enjoyed this short clip of General Colin Powell commenting on effective leadership. “Good leaders are people who are trusted by followers.” And then he followed up with an endearing story that concluded rather humorously, “You’ll know you’re a good leader when people follow you, if only out of curiosity!”

The essence of leadership and the spark of truly great teams arrives when trust is present. How is trust cultivated? In every moment, and in so many ways. In consistency and steadiness. In congruence of word and action. In authenticity and vulnerability. In compassion and kindness. In integrity. In taking responsibility and ownership. And in valuing the team — because together we go further. And trust begins with an openness, the essential initial building block for any relationship.

I’m passionate about making dreams come true. About elevating people to meet their potential. About together contributing to a compelling vision of our world in tangible ways. It’s why I mentor founders, combining the mechanics of venture success with the mindset of creative power.

If you work with me, you’ll discover that we start in a rather unconventional place — with lucky behaviors. It feels orthogonal. And it’s absolutely disruptive. It’s the non-obvious path to accelerated results. Beginning by activating curiosity and openness, entrepreneurs can quickly call in a sense of renewed enthusiasm and anticipation, as well as tangible new opportunities, like funding, partnerships or ideal team members. If you’re going for the win, founder mindset is critical.

If you work with me 1:1, you’ll discover a supportive and transformational container. I’m dedicated to your success. I act as a thought partner in your journey. I hold the vision of who you are and what you’re creating — and I guide you on the path of becoming. I help you to optimally navigate uncertainty and achieve your objectives, now and in decades to come.

Being a founder and CEO can be lonely, even isolating. You’re surrounded by stakeholders, but you can’t get close to anyone. Your energy sets the tone and trajectory for the organization. In fact, the cultural health of the company is dependent on your mental health. And authentic and compelling leadership emerges from a balanced and energized founder. Yet where do you process? Where is the container that allows you to reflect and become? That’s the 1:1 coaching I offer. It’s a confidential, on-demand partnership to deposit energies, sort trajectories and return to your point of power – calm, balanced, clear and energized with undeniable vitality.

Monica Laurence is a Quantum Shaper, combining enlightenment principles with business strategies to drive success. After decades in Hollywood and Silicon Valley as a computer scientist, creative strategist and serial entrepreneur, Monica now coaches entrepreneurs for a winning mental game and standout leadership. She hosts visionaries at Tavola, her luxe private villa and venue for retreats, including her Stillness retreats to tap the wisdom of your inner knowing. Learn to be predictably lucky and join Monica’s community of inspired and trendsetting innovators by enrolling in her online masterclass, Quantum Surfing. Learn more about Monica at

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