Luck of the draw? Or predictably lucky?

Train yourself to be lucky and transform your world! Usually shared one-on-one with my Silicon Valley clients or at my private sanctuary in Fiji, I now offer transformational business coaching online.

12 live online classes over 12 weeks, plus lifetime access to Lucky PIG community and course content.

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Is the Lucky PIG masterclass for me?

This is a 12-week program to take you and your business to the next level. You will train yourself to be lucky, which research shows is not random but a set of learnable behaviors. You will learn how to create in flow and apply enlightenment principles to your business for expansive growth and impact. You will meet other leaders operating at the edge of quantum creation. You will set a 3-year vision and 1-year goals. You will have opportunity to practice the lucky techniques and see real results. And, you will have fun!
๐Ÿ€ If you are purpose-driven, actively working on a business and desire results with global impact, welcome.
๐Ÿ€ If you've been on a personal journey of spiritual growth and you want to apply those principles to your work, welcome.
๐Ÿ€ If you're ready to create on a new playing field โ€” a quantum field that reshapes your day-to-day reality, welcome.
Monica has a certain magic that produces exceptional results. Working with her, the most impressive thing was the laser focus she brought to dissecting the story, reshaping it both fiercely and gently, so I could uncover a deeper truth and break through to the most empowering trajectory. Monica is an evolutionary force for transformation. She is absolutely at the apex of what she does. I have incredible respect for her. She kicks ass.

โ€” John Quigley, activist and acclaimed aerial artist


What can I expect?

Over 12 weeks, you will...

  • Get clarity for your vision and a path to get there

  • Adopt behaviors characteristic of lucky people

  • Shift how you view circumstances to discover hidden opportunities

  • Learn how to navigate your world intuitively, as well as analytically

  • Align yourself with lucky outcomes

  • Replace rigid assumptions that no longer serve you

  • Put luck into action, and track your move-the-needle results

  • Dwell mentally in a place of positivity and potential, rather than stress and limitation

  • Combine business strategy with a lucky architecture for growth and impact

Hear what our community is saying.

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pam shares her thoughts on the lucky pig masterclass
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How does the course work?

The Lucky PIG masterclass lasts for 12 weeks and will consist of the following components:

12 live 90-minute group trainings via Zoom with Monica
Weekly assignments to put the trainings into action
Private Facebook group to get to know and be inspired by other transformational leaders in the program
Lifetime access to Lucky PIG community, course content and future updates
Optional 1:1 quantum shaping and strategy sessions with Monica
Monicaโ€™s magic is mystical. You wonโ€™t even know itโ€™s happening until itโ€™s done, and you wonโ€™t really be sure what happened except you know now everything makes sense. โ€˜Everythingโ€™ being your big idea and how it aligns with what your soul wants, how your big idea can work in a practical sense โ€” the financial guidance, the connections you might need to bring it to life โ€” and how your idea, importantly, fits in the rest of your life. The process we used made my big entrepreneurial vision settle beautifully and comfortably into all aspects of my life. Monica inspires everyone around her to do incredible things with their life, and guides the way to that reality.

โ€” Kit Hayes, YouTube Social Impact Leader


How much does The Lucky PIG masterclass cost?

Join other purpose-driven innovators in the Lucky PIG masterclass. Learn how to evaluate and redefine your beliefs and behaviors, to invite in luck and create ventures with global impact. 12 weekly, live, online group sessions with quantum shaper Monica Laurence. Private Facebook group for community connections. Lifetime access to course content.
Live sessions are hosted via Zoom. Sessions are recorded and available for later viewing.

Complement your Lucky PIG masterclass with 1:1 coaching.

Serial technology entrepreneur, recognized leader and creator of transformative experiences, I am delighted to collaborate with you. Your coaching package can be delivered as:

6 90-minute quantum shaping sessions


1 3-hour intensive strategy session and 6 1-hour quantum shaping sessions

Working 1:1 will allow you to apply the Lucky PIG principles of applied enlightenment to your business for maximum results and momentum.


By the way, why is this course called The Lucky PIG?

The course name was the result of a bit of an emoji mishap, haha. And as serendipity would have it, our charming pig is the perfect spirit to embody luck. He's the smartest guy in the barnyard, but is underestimated because he shows up without ego. He always has a nose for opportunity, and demonstrates resilience and fortitude along the way. And who can deny that he's a happy-go-lucky guy? What's more, PIG as an acronym stands for PLAYGROUND of IMPACT and GROWTH. And that's what we're creating together, your lucky playground for impact and growth.

Welcome, Lucky PIG!

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